The poems I read on my vacation to Utah

The Birth Of A Stone by Kwang-kyu Kim, South Korea, Translated by Brother Anthony

in those deep mountain ravines

I wonder if there are stones

that no one has ever visited?

I went up the mountain

in quest of a stone no one had ever seen

from the remotest of the times

Under ancient pines

on sleep pathless slopes

there was a stone

I wonder

how long

this stone all thick with moss

has been


Two thousand years? Two million? Two billion?


Not at all

If really till now no one

has ever seen this stone

it is only


from now on

This stone

was only born

the moment I first saw it

Far And Close – Gu Cheng, translated by Edward Morin


Look a while at me,

Look a while at cloud.

I feel

You are far away while looking at me,

So very close while looking at the cloud.

International Yoga Day 2017


It was wonderful to mark International day of yoga 2017 at Chinmaya Mission on June 21st, 2017. The group consisted of familiar and new faces, It was a meeting of east& west, old a& young 🙂

I presented an overview of Yoga as a spiritual practice and how yoga asanas and Pranayama use the ethical framework of Yama and Niyama and help us towards the inner practice of Prathyahara, Dharana and Dhyana.

The practice consisted of Asana, pranayama and Seated meditation.

Used mountain meditation by Jon kabat-Zinn. After the practice group shared that they felt that the meditation was very powerful.

Here is the link for mountain meditation




My attempt to write a post after listening to James Altucher

I was introduced to James Altucher by my MBA instructor Willis Thomas. James’ simple posts impressed me and they look very practical too. On his blog I heard WordPress’s inventor and was impressed by the democratization of ideas, brands, so decided to give this a try.

You can hear James’s interview here:

watched yoga videos regarding back bends. I am fascinated by the fact that a simple chair can be used in so many ways to access and deepen back bends. grateful for Iyengar and all his students who are sharing this knowledge so freely.



My reflections on being a vedantic student: All the learning happens in context of two people interacting. the student who is eager to the teacher with a particular question and teacher addressing that depending on the time, ability. But when we take those texts and read them as absolutes only from intellectual pursuit and not as a seeker, we miss the whole beauty of these texts. The texts happen in real time in real dialogue, that reality in the interaction that happened in that time and place.